Hypocrites, past and present ~ by Khalid Amayreh

[ PIC 30/01/2013 – 09:55 PM ]

By Khalid Amayreh in occupied Palestine

images_khalid-amayreh_300_0[1]From time to time, unsubstantiated reports concocted by newspapers funded by the Mukhabarat or intelligence services of certain oil-rich Arab regimes would have us believe that Hamas is about to recognize Israel.

Insinuations to that effect were incessantly made in the past 25 years, virtually ever since the establishment of the Palestinian Islamic liberation movement.

The ultimate aim of this dishonorable and mendacious press is to discredit Hamas and the entire Islamic camp, not only in Palestine, but also in the entire Arab world.

In a previous article, I referred to some of these reporters and writers as “the Mossad’s Arab writers.” http://www.tlaxcala.es/pp.asp?lg=en&reference=7075

What else can be said of “intellectuals” and “writers” who claim that Palestinians who fight for their honor, freedom and basic human rights are “terrorists” while the Judeo-Nazi killers who came from Eastern Europe, to steal a land that belongs not to them, represent the forces of freedom, justice and enlightenment.

Manafiqeen or hypocrites appear in every time. During the Prophet’s era, they would embrace Islam and monotheism in the morning but become apostates in the evening in order to discourage true believers and make them abandon the new faith.

The Munafiqeen were such a formidable force in the early Islamic period that the Almighty revealed a Quranic Sura bearing their name, Suratul Munafiqeen.

The goals and tactics of the Munafiqeen have not really changed much since Abdullah Ibn Abee Sallul. They would spread lies, rumors, and occasionally half-truths in order to weaken the ranks of the believers and undermine their morale. They would tacitly collaborate with the enemies of Islam while claiming to be true Muslims themselves. They would ridicule true believers and besmirch their image in every possible way.

The reason for this treacherous conduct is very simple: The hypocrites are not real believers, they are disbelievers disguised as believers.

Today, the hypocrites of our time, who even have the temerity to claim they are defending Islam when they are actually its staunchest enemies, are siding with atheistic secularists against true Muslims, they would doggedly back the genocidal regime of Damascus against the Syrian revolution, claiming that the manifestly atheistic heretical regime represents a force of freedom and resistance against Zionism and imperialism.. Their fornication with truth and language is limitless.

Some of these hypocrites are now conspiring against the Egyptian revolution by funding counter-revolutionary thugs who would rather see the country destroyed and torn off to smithereens than see the Sunni Islamist experiment in governance succeed.

The hypocrites laugh and smile quite gleefully when they see the counter-revolutionary thugs torch buildings, murder football fans and even set museums and libraries on fire.

Unfortunately, some of the states that fund these acts of vandalism and terror in Egypt claim to conduct their affairs according to the Sharia of Islam, even though their actions and policies reflect the Sharia of Iblis (the Devil) than the Sharia of Islam.

Some gulf states are now having a fixation on the Islamic movement, especially the Muslim Brotherhood. Indeed, a witch-hunt campaign has been underway in some of these Sheikhdoms especially against Egypt and the Muslim Brotherhood.

This is happening while no action whatsoever has been taken against Zionist spies and agents of regional predators who are trying to take over the Arab Gulf to achieve their ancient dreams, including building Greater Persia which extends from Damascus to Afghanistan and from Yemen to Azerbaijan .

Interestingly, the lying and often stupid spokesmen of these corrupt and decadent sheikhdoms have utterly failed to produce a single evidence indicting the Islamists, or even suggesting they are plotting to destabilize the rule of the decadent Sheikhs.

The often-repeated “charge” these ignoramuses keep regurgitating is that the Muslim brothers advocate unity among Muslims and reject the “territorial national state”.

Is this such a blaspheme warranting all this rabid and convulsive reaction?

In the Holy Quran, the Almighty says that “Your Umma is one Umma” not 66 ummas.

Yes, we are supposed to be one umma, and the fact that we are fragmented into so many ummas permits our enemies to disgrace, humiliate and enslave us, it permits Israel to occupy and rape the first Qibla of Islam, the Aqsa Mosque. It allows the swinish Nazi regime of Damascus to exterminate Muslims in the tens of thousands and reduce 90% of Syria to rubble, it allows Burmese human beasts to savage and murder our fellow Muslim brothers and sisters amidst total silence on the part of the so-called international community.

In the absence of true Arab-Muslim unity, these sheikhdoms are spent and failed entities that will evaporate into nothing if they don’t start now correcting their direction into the future.

Their future is precarious, to put it very simply. And once the oil is gone, and it will undoubtedly go one day, the ignorant rulers of these sheikhdoms, along with their even more ignorant subjects, will wake up from their intoxication.

But it would be too late, yes too late. And America and the west, which dominate their governments in return for compromising their sovereignty, will abandon them and leave them to face their ultimate disgraceful fate. And neither the earth nor the sky would shed tears for their demise.

Indeed, if the ignorant Sheikhs had an iota of brain in their heads, they would kiss the feet of Egypt and the Muslim Brotherhood. But, alas, these sheikhs can’t see a few meters into the future. Their stupid behavior shows that they are following the famous adage to the letter: “feed me today, kill me tomorrow.”

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