3 Palestinian Martyrs in Syria

[ PIC 31/01/2013 – 04:45 PM ]

DIMASCUS, (PIC)– Three Palestinian refugees in Syria have been martyred in the continuing attack by the regime’s army on Palestinian refugee camps.

The working group for the Palestinian refugees in Syria stated that the three Palestinian martyrs are Ahmad Nawaf al-Tfori, Mohammed Nimer Hussein, and Mohammed Rafi.

The Working Group stated that the truce agreement is still holding in Husseiniyeh camp, while Khan Dannoun camp has witnessed fire incident for the first time leading to an injury among the residents, in addition to the kidnapping of Ghassan Ibrahim with his car by an unidentified armed group.

The group added that the Yarmouk camp still suffers from a siege imposed by the regular army for 39 days in a row, depriving it from food, heating and medical supplies, where the camp’s residents are subjected to ill-treatment and insults at the barrier located at the camp’s entrance.

Furthermore, the Working Group revealed that President Assad issued a presidential decree on January 14, preventing Palestinian refugees in Syria to take advantage of the previous educational grants law.

The group said in a statement on Wednesday that this measure is considered a precedent in the presidential decrees since 1956, and the second legal action after the Syrian Ministry of Education’s decision in November to exclude Palestinians from government jobs.

The presidential decree issued by the Syrian Arab Republic President on January 14 deprived the Palestinian refugees in Syrian from educational grants, where it only enables Syrian students to get such grants, according to the Working Group’s statement.

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