NEW song in support of Samer Issawi : HUNGRY ~ by @doccjazzmusic | Friday, 01 February 2013 | By Dr. Tariq Shadid

In support of Samer Issawi, hunger striking Palestinian prisoner in Israeli detention, Doc Jazz has released a new song: HUNGRY.

The song is in Doc Jazz’s unique style of hip-hop, which blends Palestinian folkloric themes in with jazz-funk inspired beats and melodies. The result is a fierce protest from a first-person perspective, depicting some of the elements of Samer Issawi’s struggle, but also referring to the cases of other famous Palestinian hunger strikers like Khader Adnan, Hanaa Al Shalabi and Mahmoud Al Sarsak. Samer Issawi broke all records by continuing his hunger strike well beyond 190 days, and his protest is being answered by calls from the international community upon the Israeli regime to release him. We can only hope he survives this brave struggle, and this song aims to give a boost to the international outcry about his ordeal.

You can empower this boost by sharing this song widely. It is being offered as a free download to enable others to use this mp3 to amplify Samer’s voice. Video enthousiasts are encouraged to use it to make a video on Youtube, and others are invited to share the song widely via social media, but also to play it loudly wherever this is deemed possible. For more information and updates about Samer Issawi, visit websites like Occupied Palestine, Electronic Intifada and Addameer.

Read on, and you will find an embedded player to play the song, while the lyrics will be posted below it.

HUNGRY – Doc Jazz

Copyright © 2013 Doc Jazz


You’d think you’d read about me in the New York Times
Almost two hundred days without any bite
While I’m withering away in my prison cell
All you read about is the game of buy and sell

in Wall Street – they don’t know the way I resist
If they knew, they’d be shocked at the way I insist
Freedom and human rights are on my list
I want to live, breath, move – hell, I wanna exist

If I had an army I’d set it up to defend
Our villages our towns till the very end
But I’m cut off from the world, so there’s no supplies
They call resistance terrorism but u know these are lies

If my eyes are blindfolded, my body in chains
Tucked away behind bars the only thing that remains
Is to refuse to be fed from a racist thief’s den
To refuse to be treated like a sheep in their pen

I am hungry
For freedom and rights
I am hungry
That’s the way that I fight

I am hungry
A prisoner on a hunger strike
Never charged
Never tried
By that damned Fourth Reich
Let them say what they say bout my people
If there’s one thing we ain’t it is sheeple
Why would we give up on our land and allow its theft
Because greed is their creed, there’ll be nothing left

We want Justice, how is that too much to ask
You wont touch this, cuz ur not up to the task
Go ahead and lie, and call our enemy ‘civilized’
it won’t matter no more when Victory strikes
I am hungry
For freedom and rights
I am hungry
That’s the way that I fight

I am hungry
A prisoner on a hunger strike
Never charged
Never tried
By that damned Fourth Reich


While you’re out there in your homes counting dollars and pennies
I’ve got a question to you when ur done stacking ur twenties
Can u spare a few minutes for a man like yours truly
Whose only crime is that he won’t bow to a bully

I’m not asking u to break me out, cuz I’m alright
Can spend a hundred more years putting up this fight
All I want you to do, is speak out for the truth
Don’t support a racist state that is vile and uncouth


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