Report: 17 Palestinian refugees killed in Syria over the past week

[ PIC 02/02/2013 – 04:42 PM ]

DAMASCUS, (PIC)– 17 Palestinians were killed in war-torn Syria over the past week including eight on Sunday while 14 were kidnapped from a bus, a report on the conditions there said on Saturday.

The national workgroup for Palestinians in Syria said that those Palestinians were killed by snipers, during shelling, and shooting at roadblocks.

It underlined that Syrian regular army forces kidnapped 14 Palestinian refugees from Khan al-Sheikh refugee camp in an attempt to pressure the free army, which kidnapped a colonel in the regular army.

The report pointed out that the Yarmouk refugee camp remained under siege while shelling did not cease against it and against Diraa refugee camps.

The report said that eight other Palestinians were kidnapped from refugee camps as the health and living conditions especially in Yarmouk refugee camp were deteriorating.

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