Sick and paraplegic Palestinian prisoner Othman al-Khalili’s family appeals to save his life

[ PIC 06/02/2013 – 06:50 PM ]

RAMALLAH, (PIC)– Family of a Palestinian prisoner from the city of Nablus in the northern West Bank appealed to all human rights organizations to save the life of her son detained in Israeli jails, and who suffers from hemiplegia.

The father of prisoner Othman al-khalili, 31, who is in the Ramleh prison hospital, told Ahrar Center for Prisoners studies and Human Rights that “Othman suffers from a deteriorating health condition. He is paraplegic and diabetic; he suffered in the recent period of diabetes terribly. The Israeli Prison administration refuses to treat him.”

Ahrar center for Prisoners studies and human rights said in its statement on Tuesday that “the Israeli prison authorities still hold the prisoner patients in Ramleh prison hospital and some of these prisoners can’t move, or are chronically ill, and these prisoners are suffering from neglect by the management of the hospital, and that there are many of the cases which have been deteriorating.”

The families of these prisoners feel worried specially, after the death of two prisoners, Shaikh Zuhair Lubbadeh, who died one year ago due to health deterioration and Ashraf Abu Threa who died a few weeks ago after being in coma, the statement added.

Othman Alkhalili was arrested on 5/3/2012 and has not been charged or tried till now, he is a liberated captive and was arrested in 2008 and was sentenced to 16 months in Prison and a Fine of 2000 NIS.

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