Israeli demolition orders in al-Khalil, Jerusalem

[ PIC 07/02/2013 – 09:39 PM ]

AL-KHALIL, OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– The Israeli Occupation authorities handed at dawn on Thursday several Palestinian families demolition orders of their homes in different parts of al-Khalil, in the southern occupied West Bank.

The occupation authorities notified the demolition of 11 facilities in the Beit Ainun east of al-Khalil, and adopted a number of settlement schemes in various parts of the province.

In towns of Deir samit and Beit Awa in al-Khalil, occupation forces handed five demolition orders to Palestinian citizens owned facilities in the eastern part of the two towns.

The Israeli occupation forces also handed Palestinians demolition notices in the eastern part of Yatta town, south of al-Khalil.

Three IOF patrols also stormed al-Salam neighborhood in al-Khalil, where they stormed and searched shops.

Meanwhile, the Jerusalemite human right activist Muhaned Jbara said that there is an Israeli plan to displace and deport Jerusalemites under unjustified pretexts, pointing out that during the last two days the IOF has issued about 50 or 60 demolition orders in occupied Jerusalem.

Jbara stated on Thursday that the frequency of demolitions has escalated in recent months as a collective punishment after granting Palestine an Observer status by a United Nations General Assembly resolution.

He stated that the occupation Municipality and the Israeli Interior Ministry claimed that the demolition notifications were under the pretext of being built without permit.

He pointed out that there are individual and collective efforts to confront this Israeli attack.

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