Syndicates hold Israel responsible for life of 92-year-old lady (Incl Video)

[ PIC 06/02/2013 – 09:39 PM ]

JENIN, (PIC)– The general union of Palestinian workers syndicates held the Israeli occupation authorities (IOA) fully responsible for the life of 92-year-old woman Amna al-Hithnawi.

The union said in a press release on Wednesday that the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) had unleashed their dogs at inhabitants in Jenin and one of them attacked the old lady.

It said that due to the negligence of IOF soldiers one of the dogs fiercely attacked the old woman that almost lost her life in the incident.

The union asked all international human rights groups to probe the IOA practices that ran contrary to all humanitarian rules and norms.

Hithnawi is still suffering from the attack that occurred almost a month ago in the industrial area in Jenin.



Last year also a man was attacked in an Israeli attack dog “incident”. Below’s video shows, the soldiers definitly has no other control on the attack dog than inciting him. Pure animal abuse and a flagrant fascist attack on a human being and his rights.

More about the video:

Mar 16, 2012

A Palestinian protester is seen on the ground after being pounced upon and bitten by a military dog. The dog locked its jaws on the protester’s arm and would not release him, for several minutes. The military dog handlers are seen unsuccessfully attempting to release the dog’s hold on the protester. The protester and a relative who attempted to free him were both arrested.

Video credit: Odai Qaddomi/B’Tselem

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