VIDEO | Caught on Camera: Israeli troops’ violations against Urif village

[ PIC 08/02/2013 – 07:53 PM ]

NABLUS, (PIC)– Israeli human rights organization Yesh Din published a videotape documenting Israeli soldiers violations against Palestinian citizens in the village of Urif, adjacent to Nablus (northern West Bank).

The videotape, which was published on Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper website today, depicted Israeli soldiers while they were disturbing the peace of the residents of the Palestinian village

The force would enter the village in all hours of the day and night, sound sirens, horns and loudspeakers, and use stun grenades and light flares – for no reason, Yedioth Ahronoth reported.

According to the paper, Yesh Din organization sent a letter to Military Advocate General Danny Efroni in which it warned that there are suspicions that the soldiers committed acts that are illegal according to army protocol.

The organization demanded that Efroni order an immediate criminal investigation into the events, which raise suspicions of abuse and overstepping authority.

Israeli military sources issued a statement saying that over the past few months, the army activity in the area has been bolstered following an increase in disturbance incidents, in order to minimize the clashes between the resident of Urif and Yitzhar settlement.

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