Euro-mid observer calls for reconsidering European aid for PA

[ PIC 10/02/2013 – 12:30 PM ]

GENEVA, (PIC)– The Euro-mid observer for human rights expressed its grave concern about the serious violations committed by the Palestinian authority (PA) security forces against the freedom of the press and expression in the West Bank, calling for reconsidering the European support for the PA.

In a press release on Saturday, the Euro-mid observer denounced the PA preventive security forces for raiding the house of journalist Mohamed Awad in Budrus village near Ramallah city a few days ago.

The human rights group affirmed that the PA security forces did not produce a search warrant allowing them to storm the house, which makes such action illegal.

Awad, who works for Ramsat news agency, told the Euro-mid observer that he had been detained last year for three weeks by the PA intelligence apparatus without judicial authorization and was summoned many times.

He added that the PA intelligence forces had already stormed and ransacked his house and blackmailed him into cooperating with their agency.

The observer also noted that a PA court in Nablus city ordered the detention of facebook activist Anas Awad for one year on a charge of insulting the upper echelons of the PA on his page.

It stressed that Awad practiced his right to freedom of expression according to international law and did not make any offense requiring his trial.

The Euro-mid observer called on the PA to end its restrictions on public freedoms and all kinds of arrests and summonses without judicial warrants.

It also appealed to the European union and the donor countries to re-evaluate their unconditional support for the PA security system, in light of the serious violation of human rights in the West Bank.


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