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[ PIC 11/02/2013 – 09:11 PM ]

TOBAS, (PIC)– Jawad Bulous, a lawyer, has charged the Israeli prison service (IPS) with deliberately ignoring the bad health condition of prisoner Mohammed Al-Taj.

The lawyer said in a press release on Monday that the health condition of Taj, who is serving a 16-year sentence, was worsening and the Hadarim prison administration was procrastinating in transferring him to hospital.

He said that the administration told the prisoner that he would be transferred to Ramle prison hospital but nothing of that happened.

Bulous said that Taj suffers from repeated cough spells that are coupled with bleeding from his nose.

Taj only sleeps a few hours every day and puts an empty box under his head to help him sleep while sitting because he could not sleep while laying down due to breathing difficulty, the lawyer elaborated.

He called for necessarily transferring Taj to hospital, urging all societies, local and international, catering for human rights and prisoners to pressure for moving him to hospital the soonest.

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