Israel orders demolition of 15 homes in Kafr Qassem town

[ PIC 11/02/2013 – 11:43 AM ]

NAZARETH, (PIC)– The Israel land authority (ILA) issued demolition notices against 15 Palestinian homes in Kafr Qassem town, 20 kilometers east of Tel Aviv, at the pretext of unlicensed construction.

An official from the town municipal council said the ILA notices demanded the owners of these houses to evacuate them and knock them down within 30 days.

He noted that the municipal council in Kafr Qassem held an emergency meeting on Sunday evening in the presence of engineers, members of popular committees and citizens to discuss the steps to be taken against these demolition orders

Nader Sarsour, head of the municipal council, told Quds Press that the Arab community in the 1948 occupied lands suffers from housing shortage and the Palestinian young couples cannot find homes to live in because the Israeli government does not allow the expansion of the residential areas in the Arab towns and villages.

Sarsour added that the Arab citizens find themselves forced to build in their towns and villages without permits because of the Israeli ban imposed since 1948 on Palestinian construction, affirming that Israel allows, even without permits, the expansion and the building of settlements and villages for Jews only.

“We will not allow anyone or any side to execute these demolitions, and whoever tries to touch an inch of any land or stone from houses, we will go to court and prevent them with all our strength,” the official emphasized.

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