Resheq: We made great progress in the national talks in Cairo

[ PIC 11/02/2013 – 11:14 AM ]

CAIRO, (PIC)– Member of Hamas’s political bureau Ezzat Al-Resheq said his Movement made significant progress during the meeting with leaders of the Palestinian liberation organization (PLO) in Cairo.

Resheq refuted, in a press statement to the London-based Al-Hayat newspaper on Monday, news reports claiming that the meeting failed and did not achieve the results which the Palestinians were looking forward to.

“Quite the reverse, we consider this round of meetings positive, even if it did not achieve the progress we had hoped for,” the Hamas official stated.

“Arrangements and preparations for the elections of the Palestinian national council and the restructuring of the PLO on sound foundations are just around the corner after they had been stalled since 2005,” he affirmed.

Commenting on the upcoming visit of the US president to Palestine, the official said that his movement is aware that there are foreign parties seeking to frustrate the Palestinian reconciliation, but it still believes that Mahmoud Abbas is keen on achieving it.

In a related context, member of Hamas’s political bureau Saleh Aruri said it would be useless to call for elections in light of the ongoing political arrest campaigns against Hamas cadres and supporters in the West Bank.

Aruri told Al-Aqsa satellite channel that the political arrests and summonses escalated during this year in the West Bank even during the recent reconciliation talks in Cairo.

He asserted that 91 arrest incidents had been documented since the beginning of the year.

The Hamas official added that the Palestinian authority security forces also raided homes belonging to Hamas prisoners and martyrs, and confiscated the financial allocations of many families.

The official also said that Hamas asked Egypt to send a committee to Gaza to make sure that all parties are committed to creating the atmosphere for the Palestinian reconciliation and ending all arrests and restrictions on freedoms.

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