DRAH: Elections must include all Palestinians Everywhere

DRAH | Febr 13, 2013

Gaza, (DRAH. ps) — Doctor Esam Adwan, the chairman of Division of Refugee Affairs in Hamas movement DRAH stated wdenday morning that the Palestinian intended elections should include all Palestinians everywhere.

Adwan stressed that Palestinian factions have a national duty that requires holding elections in all places the Palestinians exist, noting that such duty needs immediate implementation through coordination with states that host Palestinian refugees and organize electoral process with them.

He called on all states that host palestinians to allow Palestinians to participate in the National council elections.

Adwan called upon a national committee to be formed, whose mission would be to persuade Jordan, Lebanon and Arab Gulf countries to allow Palestinians existing in their territories to participate in Palestinian elections and to implement elections process, which promote the Palestinian presentation and right to poll. He stresses on the importance and necessity of allowing Palestinians in the Jordan territories to participate in the palestinian election of the national council.

Moreover, Adwan noted that such procedure is a clear proof that Jordan is so keen of Palestine and Palestinian people. He followed that such effort by Jordan will be highly appreciated by all Palestinians, adding it will prepare the situation for confederation between Palestine and Jordan in the nearest time.

He explained that Jordan could agree with PLO and other Palestinian factions in order not to repeat the presentation of Palestinians and to avoid duplication in the membership of the executive and legislative bodies.

Adwan continued that Jordan is required to facilitate elections process through an agreement with the PLO that organizes electoral relations, rights and duties.

He pointed out that Jordan has to provide the Palestinian Central Elections entrusted to oversee election process of Palestinian National Council, with a copy of the Palestinians voters’ Register and to allow the committee to register the citizens who have not rulled for elections.

He concluded that any failure to involve all Palestinians abroad in the elections of National Council means getting it weak and marginalized.

Division of Refugee Affairs – Hamas


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