Samsung enters the Apartheidmarket. Sparkling water for $3899 – None for Palestine!

Febr 15, 2013 ~ by occpal

Featured in Forbes the next article:

SodaStream and Samsung Debut A Fridge With Sparkling Water Dispense

fridge2-177x300Yuppies rejoice.

Seemingly unfazed by CBSs rejection of its Super Bowl ad, which followed closely on the heels of a UK approval body rejecting a similar ad, Sodastream continues on its quest to conquer the soda market.

Its newest endeavor to take on the soda giants? The Israeli company has teamed up with Samsung to bring consumers a refrigerator with a built-in water carbonator. The sparkling water comes out of the same mechanism as still water and ice. Just like existing SodaStream machines, you’ll be able to choose between three different levels of carbonation. The fridge has an MSRP of $3899.

(The End)

While Israel is depriving Palestine from every drop of water possible, settlers polluting environment and Israeli occupation floods her dams over Gaza’s already contaminated ennvironment, you can now become the proud owner for not even 4K of dollars and buy yourself an illusion of clean sparkling water.

Never mind the fact that in Gaza babies die of blue baby syndrome while 95% of the drinking water is contaminated by Israel’s policies or international banned weaponry like white phosphorus, tungsten and other heavy metals, depleted uranium and more while the fridges in Gaza do not work over half the time due to continuous power outages cause by Israel’s suffocating siege on fuel imports or lack of repairing materials for the power plant. Which btw also operates the sewage and water pumps. And not only water pumps.

While you pump your ‘soda’ in Gaza the dialysis pumps and other life sustainging equipment seizes to work due to power outages.

No Water, No Sewage in Gaza

And where the water or sewage is operating in the West Bank, even natural water sources like wells are demolished. Or polluted. Or even deliberately poisoned. For a full list of demolished water structures watch here and follow Thirsty for Justice on twitter and check out for every single fact about Water in Palestine and the violations of the Human Right to Water by Israel.

Sodastream to greenwash apartheid

In a very pathetic attempt to greenwash apartheid, Israel polluting a nation of millions of Palestinians and their land abuses environmental issues to campaign their product sodastream. Previously even campaigned at the Superbowl.

Championing as saviours of our environment Sodastream’s expletives and insults to truth make their “mashkeh” (drink) dirty. No matter the marketing efforts, the truth stays as dirty as the whole campaign including it’s supporters and funders. In this.

The “US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation’s” answer:

And as Forbes quotes the email they received from  Sodastream evangelist and CEO Daniel Birnbaum:

The future is clear – there will be no more need to buy, carry, store and find a way to dispose the billions of plastic bottles and cans to enjoy fresh, delicious fizzy drinks at home.  The days of this old habit are numbered, as our technology is beating a path to a cleaner, less-expensive and healthier future for consumers and the planet […]

Where did we see this again. Oh yes, at the World Horticultural Expo 2012 in the Netherlands where Israel even wrote it’s lies about environment and healing the world on the walls. It went unnoticed in media, although millions had visited the Israeli wall of lies in the low lands.

Samsung now Investing in Apartheid

Samsung-LogoSamsung not only integrates apartheid in fridges now, also a 100MN $ fund was instated to  support israeli entrepreneurs & academia according to the nowadays propaganda outlet “Der Algemeiner’ which is not bothered by facts but merely competes  itself as the 2013 version of “Der Stürmer

The Israeli hasbara outlet Arutz 7 even covered that to jumpstart the fund, Samsung launched a contest that will award $10 million in seed investments later this year to entrepreneurs, engineers and artists hoping to use technology “to improve people’s lives,” Globes reported.

Too much CO2 can kill you.

Yet this amount of Samsung/Sodastream makes one nauseous even without having tasted it so far… Without impunity stating to “Improve people’s lives…”

It seems Samsung and Sodastream want to fool and feed not only carbonized frizzly cool drinks but also global ignorance about the real magnitude of the Palestinian genocide which has nothing to do with improving but terminating it.

So before buying any other product of Sodastream or now Samsung as well, you might want to educate yourselves about some facts before buying products which endorse lies or support life threatening and terminating rogue states and their regime.

For now I happily and satisfied trash my Samsung SII and never buy another one again. In the future making a big u-turn wheresoever Samsung products are being sold for there are many alternatives of brands available on this market, which do support environment and do respect people and their rights. It is very clear – unlike the water of Sodastream and Samsung –  they are not respecting nor featuring any of these.

Some More Facts

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