Eight more Palestinian refugees killed in Syria

Overview | The Genocide on Palestinian Refugees in Syria


DRAH | Febr 16, 2013

Gaza, (DRAH.ps)—Working groups for Palestinian refugees in Syrian stated hat eight Palestinian refugees were killed on Friday because of continuous attacks by Syrain forces loyal to the regime on Palestinian refugee camps in Syria.

The groups said the Palestinian girl Nagham Abdul Aziz was killed when a shell was bombed in Taqadmoyya neighborhood in Yarmouk refugee camp in the south of Damascus.

Fierce clashes took place between the Syrian regime forces and forces of the free army near the camp, in which the Palestinian elderly Salah Soliman was killed.

The Palestinian youth Sameh Alkhayyal was killed under torture by Syrian regime forces that seized him for over a month.

The Palestinian refugee Samir Kanaan, a resident of Jabriya district in Aleppo, was killed by sniper shot in Maysaloon area.

Three more Palestinians were killed also in province of Daraa. They were identified as Ahmed Achammlona, who was executed on a barrier of Syrian forces positioned around the village, and elderly Abdul Rahim Badran and Mohammed Abu Hubbi in Alsahari neighborhood.


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