Over 50,000 Palestinians flee Syria, 150 families arrive in Gaza

Overview | The Genocide on Palestinian Refugees in Syria


DRAH | Febr 16, 2013

GAZA, (DRAH.ps)– A pro-Palestinian non-governmental organization (NGO) announced on Friday that the two-year old civil war in Syria had killed an estimated 1000 Palestinians, not counting the missing.

The NGO, called Action Group for Palestinians in Syria, seeks to facilitate the Gaza Strip’s absorption of refugees from Syria.

Syria’s Palestinian community numbers roughly 500,000, of which about 50,000 have fled to countries like Turkey, Jordan, Libya, Lebanon and Egypt.

The Gaza strip has received 150 Palestinian families from Syria, who have reported interrogations by Egyptian authorities before being allowed to enter Gaza.

Last December the Palestinian president, Abu Masen, called for help from the international community on behalf of Palestinian refugees fleeing Syria. The Action Group reports that no progress for the refugees has been made since.



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