Palestinian Refugee Families Stuck on the Egypt-Libya Border, shelling on refugee camps continue

Overview | The Genocide on Palestinian Refugees in Syria


DRAH – Febr 16, 2013

Gaza,(—Reporter of “working group for Palestinian refugees in Syria ” stated that Daraa refugee camp was bombed as a number of missiles landed on builings there. They added that most homes of the camp were shelled and demolished because of the continous shelling.

People of the camp suffer from crises of food, medicine and flous as well as continuous power and communication outages.

The working groups explained that Husseiniyeh camp was bombed heavily. Fourtuanatly, no injuries were reported . inhabitants of the camp suffer of difficult economic situation because of of the blockade imposed on the camp by regime forces .

The Yarmouk camp was bombed with a number of missiles on Taqadomiyya neighborhood. Fierce clashes erupted between groups of free army and regime forces in the camp. A demonstration was organized in front of the Palestine Mosque after Friday prayers in protest of the continous blockade imposed on the camp by regime forces for 55 days till now.

The groups added that 13 Palestinian families have resorted from Syria to Libyan city of Tobruk , where they face great difficulties as they wait on the crossing for long hours in cold and raining weather until they were allowed to enter Libyan territory. 16 other families are still stuck on the egyptian-lipyan bortders. They spend all of their money and live on aids and help provided by people there.


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