FAJ calls for international intervention to stop Israeli attacks on journalists

[ PIC 23/02/2013 – 01:46 PM ]

CAIRO, (PIC)– Federation of Arab Journalists (FAJ) called on all the international organizations involved in the defense of freedom of opinion and expression to intervene to halt Israeli flagrant and persistent abuses against Palestinian journalists.

The Federation called in a statement on Friday for the prosecution of the occupation forces for their crimes against the journalists “which are crimes against humanity and, as such, not subjected to statute of limitations.”

The statement added: “In view of the occupation authorities’ dismal record, the FAJ urgently calls upon all Arab journalists and media professionals to contact their colleagues around the world in order to pressure Israeli authorities to release, immediately and unconditionally, the detained journalists.”

It also warned that the Israeli authorities, through the occupation army and their numerous security bodies, continue repeated assaults against the Palestinian journalists and media professionals “in a grave escalation of the dangers they face and are likely to continue to face against the backdrop of the worsening situation in the occupied Palestinian territories”.

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