Seven Palestinian Refugees Killed in Syria raising number of killed Palestinians to (at least) 1024

Overview | The Genocide on Palestinian Refugees in Syria


DRAH – Febr 23, 2013

Gaza, ( — Action groups for Palestinians in Syria stated that seven palestinian refugeees were killed at the hand of syrian forces loyal to the syrian regime, while the shelling and bombing at the refugee camps continue in syria.

The action group stated in a report that four victims were killed by snipers and two were killed during projectile attacks, while a 17-year old girl was shot dead by a Syrian soldier inside her house in Al-Husseiniya refugee camp.

The killing incidents took place in the refugee camps of Al-Aiddeen, Al-Yarmouk, and Al-Husseiniya as well as Jobar neighborhood.

A reporter for the action group said that Al-Aiddeen refugee camp saw violent clashes between Palestinian young men from the camp and the Syrian regime forces after the latter stormed the camp and started to open fire in the air to cause panic among the residents.

The group also said many Palestinians sustained injuries when a booby-trapped car detonated in the eastern side of Khan Younis refugee camp.


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