Edward Said National Conservatory grants recognition to the music of @docjazzmusic

Musical Intifada | Saturday, 23 February 2013 | by Dr. Tariq Shadid aka Doc Jazz

In these difficult times, there is some really good news to report for the Musical Intifada ! Doc Jazz was invited to become a member of the Friends of the Palestine Orchestras, a group of people and organizations who support the Edward Said National Conservatory’s goal of providing musical education to Palestinians living in occupied Palestine.

This invitation was of course accepted in gratitude, and was accompanied by a beautiful gesture from the Conservatory: the Musical Intifada received a statement from the Conservatory to publish on the website. Maysa Sahib, who runs the Friends of the Palestine Orchestras project, sent it with the approval of her board, and it is most certainly a beautiful milestone in the 12 years of existence of the Musical Intifada project.

“The Edward Said National Conservatory recognizes the musical work of Dr. Tariq Shadid, who goes by the name of Doc Jazz, as an important contribution to Palestinian music. We are impressed by the magnitude of his oeuvre and the richness of his compositions, wherein he manages to combine a wide variety of musical styles with a message that expresses the hopes and aspirations of our people. We appreciate the fact that he embraces modern musical trends just as much as his efforts to conserve the folkloric traditions of Palestinian music. We believe that his work can serve as an inspiration to aspiring young Palestinian musicians to develop their own efforts at musical composition and creativity.”

As you can see, this empowering statement has received a prominent place in the right column of the Musical Intifada website. But this is not all. The beautiful gesture from the Conservatory will be honored by efforts from the Musical Intifada to promote the Friends of the Palestine Orchestras project, and you will soon see a call for its support published on the website. In order to give this a head start, please let it be known that you, also, can become a Friend of the Palestine Orchestras. It is an exceptional opportunity for you to help a new generation of young Palestinian musicians to fulfill their dreams. The Edward Said National Conservatory of Music (ESNCM) is bringing young Palestinians together and enabling young musicians and their audiences to take pride in themselves and in Palestine through excellence in musical performance.

We therefore call upon you to send an email to Maysa Sahib to request more information about how you can become a supporter. Supporting the musical aspirations of young people is an important part of helping a nation nurture its cultural and historical identity, as well as promoting its education and development.

We extend our gratitude and support to the ESNCM, and look forward to cooperating with them and supporting their efforts.

The Musical Intifada

Note from occpal
Mabrook ya doc well deserved! May Allaah SWT shower you with his blessings and rewards for all your good works. Ameen ya Rab.


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