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[ PIC 25/02/2013 – 06:03 PM ]

WEST BANK, (PIC)– More than 25 thousand Palestinians have attended on Monday afternoon the large funeral procession of the Martyr Arafat Shailesh Jaradat in the town of Seir.

Thousands of citizens from the city of al-Khalil and its villages and different parts of the West Bank have come in the early morning hours to the house of martyr Jaradat challenging the Israeli barriers and checkpoints, where the Israeli authorities declared a state of alert in the city of al-Khalil and specifically in the town of Seir.

Dozens of political leaders from different factions, ex-detainees, Palestinian MPs, national and Islamic forces, and local and international media have all attended the funeral procession, where Palestinian flags and pictures of the martyr Jaradat were raised amid resounding slogans calling on the Palestinian resistance and all factions to respond promptly to this crime.

Several political, national, and Islamic leaders delivered commencement speeches during a military funeral procession, calling for prosecuting the Israeli officials for their crimes.

Violent clashes have erupted, immediately after the funeral of the martyr, between Palestinian youths in the neighborhood of Beit Ainun at the southern entrance of the town of Seir and Arroub camp.

Meanwhile, the Captive Movement continued its mass hunger strike for the second day in a row in the Israeli prisons protesting the murder of the prisoner Arafat Jaradat.

The vice president of Prisoners and Ex-Prisoners Association, Ahmed al-Fallit told Safa News Agency that the occupation prisons witnessed a state of tension before the martyrdom of Jaradat because of the Israeli Prison Service increased measures against the Palestinian hunger striking prisoners.

Al-Fallit confirmed that prisoners decided to step up their daily protests to condemn the Israeli repressive policy and ongoing aggressions against the prisoners, through refusing meals, impeding the daily count, and delaying the return to prison.

He renewed the prisoners’ determination to go on a hunger strike on April 14 to mark the Palestinian Prisoners’ Day, and the first anniversary of the Dignity battle.

He called on Arab and international human rights institutions to expose the Israeli crimes against the Palestinian prisoners and the occupation’s violations to the international and humanitarian laws.

Violent clashes broke out on Monday near Ofer prison west of Ramallah, in protest against the murder of the prisoner Jaradat and in support of the striking prisoners.

Hundreds of students from all student blocs marched to the Ofer prison for the tenth consecutive day, where violent clashes broke out, a leader in the Islamic bloc at Birzeit University told PIC reporter.

The source added that dozens of suffocation cases and injuries occurred when the occupation forces started firing tear gas bombs and metal bullets towards the students who came in solidarity with the prisoners on hunger strike.

In al-Khalil, clashes broke out Monday between hundreds of citizens and the occupation forces in different parts of al-Khalil in the southern West Bank.

The clashes broke out at Bab al-Zawiya in al-Khalil, where the occupation forces progressed towards to the areas under Palestinian control amid the absence of Authority security.

In the same context, the occupation army sent more military reinforcements to areas of the occupied West Bank, after the escalation of clashes following the death of prisoner Arafat as a result torture in Israeli jails.

Ministry of prisoners’ affairs confirmed that the autopsy of Arafat Jaradat, who died on Saturday in the Israeli Megiddo Prison, shows that he died of severe torture inflicted during his interrogation, and not due to a cardiac arrest.


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