Four Palestinian refugees including woman killed in Syria : Total martyred: 1028 Palestinians in exile slayed

Overview | The Genocide on Palestinian Refugees in Syria

[ PIC 25/02/2013 – 09:52 AM ]

images_News_2013_02_25_syria_300_0[1]DAMASCUS, (PIC)– Four Palestinian refugees were killed in Syria on Sunday including a woman all in the Yarmouk refugee camp, south of Damascus, the workgroup for Palestinians in Syria announced on Monday.

The workgroup said in a statement that three of the victims were killed by sniper fire while the fourth succumbed to serious wounds sustained in a bomb explosion in front of his house in the camp on Thursday.

It said that six projectiles slammed into Diraa refugee camp causing big material damage but no casualties, adding that the camp was suffering from acute shortage in bread, heating fuel, medicine, and foodstuff other than the continued rupture of communications and power.

The workgroup said that a shell slammed into an UNRWA school in Sabbina refugee camp, adding that it coincided with clashes between the regular and free armies in the vicinity of the camp. Inhabitants complain of the continued siege on the camp that led to food and medicine shortages in addition to the electricity and communications failure.

It said that a number of shells slammed into the Husseiniya refugee camp on Sunday night at separate intervals, describing living conditions in the camp as “miserable” due to the tight military siege on it.


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