MP Mona Mansour: Palestinian women are daily subjected to Israeli racist attacks

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[ PIC 28/02/2013 – 05:34 PM ]

Palestinian woman attacked&Israeli police officer Ariel Shapiro posts on FB:  It’s a shame that Arab whore didn’t die

NABLUS, (PIC)– Palestinian Legislative Council member Mona Mansour has described the Israeli women attack on a Jerusalemite girl several days ago at a train station in occupied Jerusalem as a racist and barbaric attack.

The attack was an Israeli crime that proves the Israeli violations of the Palestinian women’s rights guaranteed by all international charters and treaties, MP Mansour said commenting on the attack.

The Israeli women’s attack on Palestinian women in Jerusalem and elsewhere was not the first of its kind, where many attacks had taken place at checkpoints and in the city of al-Khalil and many other places, she explained.

MP Mansour expressed her surprise towards the continued silence of international organizations, especially those claiming to defend women’s rights, however they turn a blind eye to the Israeli daily attacks on Palestinian women.

MP Mansour called on international institutions and organizations that advocate women’s freedom and dignity and the free world to intervene to defend the Palestinian women who are daily subjected to the occupation inhuman practices in the occupied Palestinian territories.

She also called for condemning and prosecuting the Israeli crimes against Palestinian women.

Israeli settlers have attacked a Jerusalemite girl on Tuesday at a train station in occupied Jerusalem and strip off her Hijab, despite the presence of Israeli police.

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