Abbas Bribes a Journalist With Diplomatic Pass

Kawther Salam | March 3, 2013

تلكأ في إصدار مرسوم ملزم للمؤسسات الدولية بخصوص فلسطين كدولة مراقبة
الرئيس عباس يرشو صحفيا بإهدائه جواز سفر دبلوماسي فلسطيني

Abbas - ben JeddoNobody knows the reasons that led Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to give a diplomatic position to Tunisian-Lebanese journalist Ghassan Ben Jeddo, who is well known as a pro-Syrian President Bashar al-Assad partisan.

Abbas, at the house of his ambassador in Jordan, gave a Palestinian diplomatic passport as a present to the Tunisian journalist Ghassan Ben Jeddo on Saturday 2 March 2013. Ben-Jeddo is a director of Al-Miaden network. The president gave the generous present without further interpretation or explanation of his questionable behavior to journalists and representatives of international news agencies.

President Abbas has never given a diplomatic passport to any of the many Palestinian journalists who put their lives at risk on the front lines with the Israeli zionist occupation. Instead of that, the Palestinian security forces have arrested and tortures several Palestinian journalists, bloggers and owners of pages on Facebook only because they dared to criticize the PA or somebody posted a comment of their Facebook page.

The questions are:

  • Why does Abbas have to bribe a Lebanese journalist?
  • Are there any personal reasons for Abbas’ improper behavior which are not known to Palestinians?
  • Is Palestine, which is still not a state, so very cheap that the President can give a diplomatic passport as a donation to strangers and foreigners in the name of Palestine and Palestinians?
  • Has anybody heard that any other president ever gave a diplomat passport carrying the name of his country to a Palestinian or to other nationals?

Is it not enough that there are thousands of non-Palestinians who were granted Palestinian citizenship during the reign of the late Palestinian Arafat, including a lot of spies who only infiltrated the ranks of the Palestinian revolution, spying for our enemies and then stealing the donations from the world to the Palestinian people and refugees, which they used to build their private projects, houses and villas in various countries around the world?

What President Abbas did to bribe a journalist with whom he has a special relationship? This is an unacceptable step to many Palestinians. The President himself needs permission from israel for even the issuance of his own diplomatic passport. He receives a special travel permit from israel, which determines the hours that he is allowed freedom of movement.

Palestine still not a state, even after the recognition of Palestine as a member state by the UN in New York. The status of Palestine remain as it was before in the international organizations because the Secretary General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon has not yet been so kind as to issue a memorandum to the members of the UN on the recognition of Palestine as an observer state. The SG is still reluctant to do so due to American and israeli pressure on him.

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