PA security services arrest liberated prisoner

[ PIC 05/03/2013 – 08:52 PM ]

RAMALLAH, (PIC)– PA security services arrested an engineer in Ramallah, transferred a detainee from Tulkarem to Junaid Prison, and continued to detain one of the preachers of the town of Burqin near Jenin, while the occupation summoned a liberated prisoner.

PA General Intelligence arrested on Monday evening the liberated prisoner Alaa al-Din Samaha from his workplace in al-Bireh.

The engineer Alaa declared hunger strike since the moment of his arrest in protest against his political arrest, his family confirmed.

Alaa al-Din Samaha was arrested by the occupying forces, and arrested more than once by the PA security apparatus, he was studying electrical engineering at Birzeit University and graduated a month ago after losing a number of years in occupation Jails.

Furthermore, PA preventive security transferred the detainee Mahmoud Freij from Shweikeh suburb in Tulkarem to Junaid prison in Nablus.

The preventive service continued to arrest the preacher sheikh Nader Lutfi Massad, 36, from Burqin near Jenin, since about a month ago, no further information was provided about him since his arrest.

Massad is a preacher, a father of two daughters, and a brother of two martyrs, he has previously spent seven years in Israeli prisons for belonging to al-Qassam Brigades and he was arrested several times in PA prisons.

Massad family called on Liberties Committee to intervene to know her son’s fate and to work for his release.

In al-Khalil, occupation forces raided at dawn on Sunday the town of Beit Ummar and stormed the house of the liberated prisoner Emad Rosie Sabarneh, 26, and summoned him to Etzion Intelligence center.

The liberated prisoner was summoned more than 20 times to the PA intelligence service, and he was detained by the occupation for 20 months.

The security services in the West Bank launched an arrest campaign against Hamas movement’s members and supporters during February, Hamas Information Center revealed in a statement on Thursday.

The statement confirmed that Fatah security services kidnapped 66 of Hamas’ supporters and members, including 32 liberated prisoners, 3 university students, a journalist, and a teacher, in addition to summoning 38 others.

The statement pointed out that the PA security agencies extended the detention of 10 prisoners despite the Court decision to release them.

The report pointed out that the occupation arrested 4 Hamas leaders and supporters of Hamas who were released from PA prisons.

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