Three More Palestinian refugees killed in Syria – Raising death toll to 1043

Overview | The Genocide on Palestinian Refugees in Syria


DRAH | March 5, 2013

Gaza,(– – Three Palestinian refugees were killed in Syria on Monday in the ongoing armed conflict in that Arab country, a local newspaper reported on Tuesday.

Al-Quds daily said that Munir Al-Khatib was killed when multiple gunshots hit him during clashes between the regular and free Syrian armies in Yarmouk refugee camp.

It said that an old woman, Aisha Abul Shukur, was also killed in similar clashes at the outskirts of the same refugee camp while she was trying to leave it.

The paper quoted special sources as saying that the camp came under shelling and witnessed violent clashes that led to the injury of a number of its inhabitants.

The paper said that a third Palestinian, Amjad Abu Hamed, was killed in Raml refugee camp in Latakia when it came under shelling last night.



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