Activists raise Palestinian flag on Israeli military camp in Bethlehem

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[ PIC 06/03/2013 – 07:19 PM ]

images_News_2013_03_06_flag-on-military-post_300_0[1]BETHLEHEM, (PIC)– Palestinian activists managed on Wednesday afternoon to storm the Israeli military camp in the city of Bethlehem south of the occupied West Bank, raising Palestinian flag on its entrance.

The Palestinian activist Hassan Brejiyeh confirmed that the Popular Resistance Committees in the south of the West Bank has organized today a sit-in in solidarity with the prisoners on hunger strike and to protest against desecrating the Holy Quran by kicking it to the ground inside Al-Aqsa Mosque by an Israeli soldier after attacking a female student.

The coordinator of the Popular Committee Against the Wall and Settlements in southern West Bank confirmed that a group of about 30 Palestinian youths have managed to storm the Israeli military camp established on the territory of the town of Beit Jala in Bethlehem district where they raised the Palestinian flag on its entrance before being attacked by occupation forces.

The Israeli military camps in West Bank will be a target to the Popular Resistance activists, where they will be treated as settlements due to their illegitimacy on Palestinian lands in the 1967 borders, Brejiyeh stated, adding that the activists plan for further unique events.

The popular resistance activists in the West Bank have recently invented new protest ways, including establishing Palestinian villages on land threatened with confiscation, storming Israeli settlements, and opening gates closed by the occupation army for years, and others.

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