Thousands of Palestinians mourn martyr Teeti

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[ PIC 13/03/2013 – 09:43 PM ]

images_News_2013_03_03_adel-titi_300_0[1]AL-KHALIL, GAZA, (PIC)– Tens of thousands of people from al-Khalil participated on Wednesday afternoon in the funeral of martyr Mahmoud Adel Teeti, 24, from Fawwar refugee camp south of al-Khalil.

Al-Teeti is a Palestinian prisoners’ activist. He died after being hit with an Israeli bullet in his head during clashes that erupted in Fawar refugee camp on Tuesday.

The funeral procession was launched from Fawwar Mosque after noon prayers, with the participation of head of Legislative Council Dr. Aziz Dweik, a number of representatives for the Change and Reform Bloc, Palestinian faction leaders, a delegation from the Islamic bloc at Universities of al-Khalil and Aroub, and members of Fatah Central Committee.

The mourners headed to the Shuhada cemetery in Fawwar camp, chanting slogans demanding Qassam Brigades to take revenge and urging PA to stop security coordination with the occupation.

Eyewitnesses told PIC that violent confrontations have erupted on Wednesday afternoon between school students and the occupation forces at the entrance to the Fawwar camp and at the eastern entrance to Dura.

The Israeli occupation troops suppressed the demonstrations that were launched near the entrance to the camp in protest at killing martyr Teeti and fired tear gas canisters and rubber-coated metal bullets towards the young people who responded by throwing stones and empty bottles at occupation soldiers.

The witnesses added that some of the citizens suffered suffocation while others have been injured during the clashes.

More than five Israeli military checkpoints were erected near the camp, on the street adjacent to the Jewish settlement of Beit Haggai, near Beit Ainun and on the bypass road near Kiryat Arba east of al-Khalil.

Hamas mourned the martyr Mahmoud Adel and said in a statement on Wednesday: “The martyr was one of the most prominent activists in the camp. He is a liberated prisoner and served three years in Israeli occupation jails … He is also one of the most prominent young activists in the activities and events in solidarity with the prisoners”.

Mahmoud was also detained by the Palestinian Authority for his political affiliation, Hamas added.

The movement has called on the Palestinian masses and all its supporters and members to participate in the funeral procession of the martyr.

Meanwhile; activists via Facebook and Twitter expressed their anger and condemnation of security coordination between Ramallah authority and the Israeli occupation in the occupied West Bank.

They held the PA’s apparatuses responsible for the continued arrests against cadres of the resistance factions and the Palestinian people, due to the security coordination, and condemned holding the identity card of the martyr Mahmoud Teeti by the Preventive Security Service.

Teeti had been called two days ago by the Preventive apparatus which has confiscated and held his ID card, then postponed his trial to April 7.

One of activists has called for exposing the policy of security coordination “before demanding the implementation of reconciliation and the end of the division”, stressing that the main reason behind the split is the security coordination.

He held the Palestinian factions responsible for this national crime because of their silence and inaction, and demanded the factions to act and expose this crime, before anything else.

A group of young activists called for staging protests at the Unknown Soldier Square in the center of Gaza City, in rejection of security coordination with the occupation forces, while others are calling for organizing marches against the Ramallah authority to make it return Mahmoud’s identity card.

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