Britain: It’s Time to Apologize!

Kawther Salam | March 14, 2013


عالم طب عيون فلسطيني لا تعرف السلطة الفلسطينية شيئا عنه؟؟
محاضرة يلقيها صلاح عبد الشافي حول مستقبل فلسطين – دولة قابلة للحياة الى جانب اسرائيل
موعد بدء إمتحانات أبناؤنا في الخارج للعام الدراسي 2012/2013

balfourPetition CharterWe the citizens of the world, call on the British Government, to apologize to the Palestinian people, for either willfully or carelessly failing to protect their human and political rights, while under British protection.

Britain’s political legacy in Palestine marked an historical breach against the aspirations of the people of Palestine and to the shattered hopes of the promises of freedom and self determination.

Britain had no moral, legal and political authority in issuing a declaration to appropriate Palestine against the wishes of its people.

Britain had no moral, legal and political authority in dividing Palestine and violently imposing its separation.

Britain, more than anyone else, should have known that no nation ever allowed their community, their society and their history to be torn apart to accommodate the political aspiration of another people.

Britain imposed military rule on Palestine, violently suppressed their legitimate concerns and, as shown by evidence, killed and imprisoned their leaders. Such are the policies of colonialism and not the policy of a Mandate power, whose only mandate on Palestine, was to assist the Palestinian people to realize their universal right to govern themselves and be in control of their destiny.

Britain’s colonial legacy left a shattered Palestine. It condemned the people of Palestine to a life of misery and hardship. The vast majority of Palestinians live in exile as refugees, hoping one day to return to their land, millions more live under military occupation and forced to bear daily indignity, threats to their security, ongoing violence and even death.

The victims of Britain’s colonial past, inflicted with terrible wounds, are still alive. Millions of others who continue to suffer under the shadow of its colonial past are an open wound, afflicted with unimaginable pain.

As citizens of the world, we pray for a speedy end to the longest conflict of our time. We hope that peace and prosperity will visit every person and every home in Palestine and we believe the road to healing and peace can begin through sincere accountability by Britain for its misguided policy in Palestine.

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