10 Palestinians killed in attacks on refugee camps in Syria

Overview | The Genocide on Palestinian Refugees in Syria

[ PIC 17/03/2013 – 05:58 PM ]

images_News_2013_03_17_syria-0_300_0[1]DAMASCUS, (PIC)– 10 Palestinian refugees were killed on Saturday in projectile attacks launched by the Syrian regime forces on populated areas in some refugee camps in Damascus countryside.

Al-Quds newspaper reported that seven Palestinians were killed in Al-Husseiniya camp when a projectile hit a building located on Surour street.

The newspaper elaborated that the force of the impact caused fragments from the explosion to hit a car parked down the building, which led to its burning and the killing of three Palestinians aboard it.

The explosion also killed four women and children who were passing by.

Two other Palestinians were also killed when they got caught in the crossfire on Yakoub street in Al-Husseiniya camp.

In Sayeda Zeinab refugee camp, an elderly man named Khalil Saleh was killed and four others were wounded in different projectile attacks on the camp by the Syrian regime forces.


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