Exiled Jerusalem MP Mahmud Abu Tier addresses meeting in House of Lords

[ PIC 22/03/2013 – 11:12 PM ]

images_News_2013_03_22_aohr200313_300_0[1]LONDON, (PIC)– On Wednesday night, a meeting in the House of Lords, heard testimony, via phone, from a member of the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) on his exile from Jerusalem to the West Bank city of Ramallah. Mahmud Abu Tier, MP, is one of four Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) members persecuted by the Israeli authorities for refusing to pledge allegiance to the occupation or give up their right to their Jerusalem identity. A demand that is illegal under international law.

62 year old Abu Tier described the ‘extreme pain’ both physical and psychological, he suffers as a result of years of Israeli incarceration and due to his current enforced exile to Ramallah, where he remains, separated from his family

Gerald Kaufman MP, said that whilst Israel is ‘hysterical’ over the human rights of its citizens, it has no respect for the rights of the Palestinians. Baroness Jenny Tonge who hosted the meeting asserted that people were ‘sick of the response of the British government’ who whilst in the past has been critical of continued Israeli settlement building, has consistently failed to apply any meaningful sanctions in response.

The meeting was held to launch a new report by the Arab Organisation for Human Rights, UK. ‘Demand Justice’ is a detailed account of the ongoing Israeli authority campaign of persecution against PLC members; Abu Teir, Ahmed Atoun, Mohammed Totah and the former Minister of Jerusalem Affairs Khaled Abu Arafah.

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