Lawsuit Filed Against Obama Over Journalist Mazen Dana’s Murder in Iraq

Kawther Salam | March 23, 2013

mazendana06On behalf of the wife of the Palestinian journalist Mazen Dana, a Reuter’s cameraman who was murdered by the US troops at Iraq, Palestinian lawyers for human rights have taken legal action against the US President Barak Obama upon his arrival in Israel as part of his Middle East tour.


Secret Burials in the Desert. Ultimate Disrespect for U.S. Army Personnel and US-Contracted Mercenaries in Iraq,

Dana was deliberately while investigating a story about secret burials of U.S. mercenaries and soldiers in mass graves in far-away places in deserts strips around Baghdad, burials which had obviously been authorized by the commanders of the U.S. army.

Mazen’s scoop began when he realized that that the U.S. troops were burying human bodies wrapped in plastic in the desert. Initially, he thought that these were the bodies of Iraqi people. He kept watching and investigating the activities of the U.S. troops. He kept developing his scoop, working around different U.S. units and military jails, trying to figure out where the bodies had come from, and whether they were Iraqi or not.

Ultimately he found a source, a U.S. mercenary, who told him that those buried were not Iraqis, but mercenaries who had been promised green cards and U.S. citizenship in return for serving in the U.S. Army. Besides, according to this source, not few of those interred were Americans who had been killed in combat. Mazen had been able to film the activities of the U.S. army, and their secret mass graves.

Dana was experienced in journalistic work in areas of conflict and under dangerous conditions. In our hometown Hebron, he had been covering the Israeli Duvdevan units, essentially death squads of the Israeli army which can not normally be filmed. Since he had become aware of what the Americans were doing in the desert, he kept the secret to himself. The intelligence units of the U.S. Army probably knew that Mazen was uncovering, and they must have feared that their secret desert burials would expose the Pentagon and the Army for involvement in a big scandal.

The lawyers have said the US administration is to blame for the death of Reuter’s cameraman, Mazen Dana. The court case was filed with the Palestinian public prosecution in Ramallah on behalf of Dana’s widow against Obama personally in his capacity as the commander in chief of the US army.

The lawyers highlighted in their plea that the former US secretary of defense Donald Rumsfeld, sent a letter to Dana’s family in which he admitted the responsibility of his soldiers for the killing of the Palestinian journalist.

The Dana family want Obama, as US president, to be responsible for his death. The lawsuit has been filed in the West Bank city of Ramallah, which Obama is due to visit on Thursday. (end)


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