Israeli occupation forces arrest 5 Palestinians in Nablus and seizes house in al-Khalil

[ PIC 27/03/2013 – 09:48 PM ]

images_News_2013_03_27_arrest3_300_0[1]NABLUS, (PIC)– Israeli occupation forces (IOF) arrested on Wednesday five young men from Nablus in the northern occupied West Bank, and stormed the city of Jenin and searched citizens’ houses.

According to local media sources, a number of military jeeps stormed at dawn the village of Burqa west Nablus, where the soldiers searched a number of houses and arrested four citizens.

The Israeli forces arrested also a 17-year-old boy, from the Balata refugee camp last night, while crossing Al-Hamra checkpoint in the Jordan Valley in Tubas Governorate.

Meanwhile, Israeli forces raided the southern West Bank city of al-Khalil early on Wednesday morning and detained five Hamas leaders and MPs, local sources said.

The detainees were identified as MP Muhammad Jamal Natsha, Mr. Abdul-Khaliq Hasan Natsha, Dr. Amjad Hamouri, Sheikh Muhammad Tahsin Shawar, and Jawad al-Jaabari.

They were all taken to unknown destination.

An Israeli military force broke into the home of the citizen Salama Salaymeh in the neighborhood of al-Buqa’a in eastern al-Khalil, and turned it into a military base.

Salaymeh said that Israeli troops raided his three-storey home at dawn and forced him to gather his 15 family members and stay in the first floor.

The soldiers stationed themselves on the third floor and turned into a military post.

Al-Buqa’a area has been subjected to a fierce campaign that aims to evacuate its residents, in order to provide protection to the settlers who live in the nearby settlements of Kiryat Arba and Kharsina.

Occupation authorities have been demolishing Palestinian houses in the area since 1982 in an attempt to seize it and incorporate it into the two settlements.

The IOF have also stormed at dawn Wednesday, the city of Jenin and the two villages of Beit Qad and Jalqamus east of the city. No arrests have been reported.

According to local sources, five military vehicles broke into the eastern neighborhood of the city of Jenin, where they erected a checkpoint and raided houses.

The occupation forces stormed the villages of Beit Qad and Jalqamus east of Jenin. The soldiers searched the greenhouses and olive groves and questioned a number of farmers.

The occupation issued a decision to enlarge al-Jalama checkpoint north of Jenin, which represents the only passage from Jenin to the Palestinian 1948-occupied territories, and handed over citizens from the village of Jalama notices to confiscate their lands for the expansion of the checkpoint.

Al-Jalama village council said that Saleh Abu Farha received a warrant reading that the administration of al-Jalama commercial checkpoint decided to possess three dunums of his land in order to enlarge the checkpoint and install a security gate at the main entrance.

The village council pointed in a statement today to its concern about the occupation scheme to expand the al-Jalama checkpoint, set up on the citizens’ lands, at the expense of other lands threatened with confiscation.

It added that the occupation has confiscated almost 80% of al-Jalama village lands since 1948.

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