Land Day reinforces 48-Palestinians’ steadfastness

[ PIC 27/03/2013 – 09:37 PM ]

images_News_2013_03_27_land-day_300_0[1]NAZARETH, (PIC)– 1948-Palestinian citizens started preparations to mark the 37th anniversary of the Palestinian Land Day to expose the Israeli crimes against Arab citizens, emphasizing their adherence to the right of return.

The Arab Higher Follow up Committee inside the Green Line declared series of activities and marches in Sakhnin and occupied Negev and Taiba city to celebrate the Palestinian Land Day as a historical and national occasion.

The committee declared its intention to organize a sit-in and hunger strike on Thursday outside Megiddo prison in solidarity with the Palestinian prisoners’ issue and the political prisoners in particular.

The Palestinian Land Day dated back to 1976 when the Israeli government confiscated thousands of dunums of Arab-owned lands. The Arab citizens in Palestinian occupied territories in 1948 declared a general strike protesting the confiscation of lands on March 30 and it was the first Arab protest since 1948 against Israeli policies in 48 occupied territories.

The occupation authorities responded violently to the Arab protests, where IOF brutally stormed and occupied Arab villages, killing, injuring and arresting a number of unarmed Arab citizens.

Sheikh Raed Salah confirmed that Land Day reinforces patriotism and sacrifice, stressing the Arab citizens’ steadfastness against the Israeli racist practices.

All Palestinian national and popular forces in West Bank, Gaza strip, and Diaspora, declared a number of events to mark Land Day in coincidence with the Israeli escalating campaign of land confiscation, bulldozing, and settlement construction.

One of Umm al-Fahm residents, Abdul Aziz Khaled, stated that Land Day constitutes an occasion of renewing our pledge to the martyrs who fell in defense of the Palestinian national identity and land.

For his part, Sa’id Abdullah from the town of Kafr Kanna stressed that Land Day is a national occasion that unites the Palestinian people and confirms their struggle against the Israeli Judaization project until gaining their legitimate rights.

1948-Arab citizens are subjected to Israeli Judaization projects and Israeli confiscation schemes, where we are banned from marking the Nakbah and Land Day by the Israeli law, Adbullah continued, stressing their adherence to their rights.

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