Abu Hamdeyya (suffering from cancer) falls unconscious at Eishel jail


Al Qassam Brigades Website | 30-03-2013,07:44

AL-KHALIL – The Palestinian Prisoners Society (PPS) in the al-Khalil district said that captive Maysarah Abu Hamdeyya on Thursday fell unconscious at Eishel jail in Beersheba and lost all ability to move as he suffers from cancer.

According to PPS sources a state of unrest prevails amongst the Palestinian captives in Eishel prison because of the deliberate medical neglect of captive Abu Hamdeyya. The prisoners called on all decent people of the world to pressure the occupation to release Abu Hamdeyya who is in his sixties and has cancer.

Amjad al-Najar, director of the PPS in al-Khalil, said that Hamdeyya was saying to his cell-mates that he wished to spend whatever time is left of his life with his family before losing consciousness.

Najar accused the Israeli prison administration of being vengeful against Abu Hamdeyya who had a long history of struggle against occupation. He held the occupation responsible for the life of Abu Hamdeyya.


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