Abu Hamdiya transferred to hospital in serious condition: He is dying

[ PIC 30/03/2013 – 01:59 PM ]

images_News_2013_03_30_hamdiya_300_0[1]NABLUS/ GAZA, (PIC)– Israeli occupation authorities transferred on Saturday morning the patient captive Maysara Abu Hamdiya, 62, to Soroka Hospital, after the recent deterioration of his health condition.

Ahrar Center for prisoners’ studies and human rights stated that it received a letter from Abbas Sayed, the head of the senior leadership of Hamas prisoners in Israeli jails, warning that Abu Hamdiya is dying.

Sayed stated in his letter, that the health condition of prisoner Abu Hamdiya, who suffers from cancer, has sharply worsened over the past few days, and that the occupation authorities have been refusing to provide him with treatment.

Fuad Al-Khuffash, the director of Ahrar center, said that Abu Hamdiya was transferred to Soroka hospital after he fell unconscious at Eshel jail and lost all ability to move.

Khuffash warned of the seriousness of Maysara’s health deterioration and demanded the occupation to immediately release him without procrastination.

The prisoners in the Israeli jails denounced the suspicious silence of the Red Cross and the different international humanitarian organizations, especially the World Health Organization (WHO), which has been letting down the patient prisoners on several occasions.

Wa’ed Society for Prisoners and Ex-prisoners confirmed in a press statement on Saturday that a state of tension has been prevailing in most of the jails, and considered the occupation practices against Abu Hamdiya as slow execution.

The Palestinian human rights Society held the International Committee of the Red Cross and the World Health Organization (WHO), the responsibility for the deterioration of the health status of the Palestinian prisoner.

It called on the United Nations to immediately intervene “to save the life of Abu Hamdiya before it is too late.”


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