Hamas: We will not Relinquish or Give up an Inch of the Historical Land of Palestine

DRAH – March 30, 2013

GAZA, (PIC)– The Hamas Movement stressed that the resistance of the Israeli occupation would remain the strategic option for the Palestinian people in their struggle to restore their usurped rights and liberate their land.

“Wagering on any strategy other than the resistance is like chasing a mirage and our people will gain nothing from it except more concessions and compromises,” Hamas stated in a press release on the 37th anniversary of the Palestinian land day.

“We will not relinquish or give up an inch of the historical land of Palestine, and the Palestinian people will continue to hold on to their land from the river to the sea while the occupation’s plans will fail to change the reality and obliterate the Islamic landmarks and holy sites,” the Movement highlighted.

It reiterated its rejection of all alternative homeland plans and highlighted the inalienable right of the Palestinian refugees to return to their cities and villages which they were expelled from.

For its part, the refugee affairs office of Hamas stated that the Palestinian people has the right to stay in their land and restore all the Palestinian territories that were occupied in 1948 and 1967, and the Israelis have no right to expel the Palestinian natives from their own land and property.

“The popular uprising that our people in the 1948 occupied lands carried out on March 30, 1976 confirms their absolute rejection of the Zionist schemes aimed at stealing and Judaizing their lands,” the refugee affairs office underlined.

It said that despite the importance of the armed resistance, this occasion has set a new stage of confrontation against the Israeli occupation through the popular uprising.

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