Human rights organization: PA’s apparatuses arrest and torture children

[ PIC 30/03/2013 – 10:05 AM ]

images_News_2013_03_30_pa_300_0[1]LONDON, (PIC)– Arab Organization for Human Rights in UK said that PA’s Preventive Security Apparatus in the West Bank had stormed the village of Safa near al-Khalil on Thursday night and arrested youths, including children under 18.

The organization said in a statement on Friday that large forces of the security apparatuses arrested the boys at midnight after storming and searching their houses.

The day after the arrests, two of the detainees were released for different reasons.

The Organization’s statement confirmed: “Preventive apparatus transferred the detainees to Halhoul Court without informing the lawyer and parents beforehand. The lawyer said he was informed in the last moments.”

According to the lawyer, the children’s detention has been extended for nine days pending investigation on charges of hanging posters of Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, the co-founder of Hamas, on the anniversary of his assassination at the hands of the Israeli occupation forces.

The statement charged that these procedures represent a serious violation of local laws and international treaties and conventions that protect the child and his rights.

“All testimonies confirm that PA’s security forces have maintained similar procedures against Palestinian citizens. According to informed sources, these apparatuses are protected by U.S. and Israel and are given the green light to do whatever they could to stop any act of resistance against the occupation.”

The Organization called on the UN Secretary-General, the Arab League and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation “to put pressure on the PA leadership to stop such violations, especially those with regard to children’s rights.

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