Clashes erupt throughout the West Bank after the killing of Abu Hamdiya

[ PIC 03/04/2013 – 09:25 PM ]

images_News_2013_04_03_clashes02_300_0[1]RAMALLAH, (PIC)– Several clashes erupted between Palestinian citizens and the Israeli occupation forces, during angry marches denouncing the killing of captive Maysara Abu Hamdiya, who died in the occupation jails due to medical neglect.

Maysara Abu Hamdiyeh, 64 from al-Khalil, died in Israel’s Soroka Hospital. Palestinian officials say his cancer spread because he was denied treatment by Israeli authorities, who refused to release him.

Violent clashes broke out on Tuesday evening at the Damascus Gate in Jerusalem city between Israeli forces and the residents of Jerusalem, who marched to condemn the killing of prisoner Abu Hamdiya.

Local sources told PIC’s correspondent that the occupation forces quelled and dispersed the Jerusalemite marchers, injuring a number of them; including the Jerusalemite activist Salwa Hudeib.

The head of the Palestinian Prisoners Society in the Jerusalem Nasser Qaws and the medic Fadi Obeid have been arrested, during the confrontations.

Violent clashes have also erupted on Tuesday in the center of Silwad village, east of Ramallah, after the news of the martyrdom of the patient captive Abu Hamdiya.

The Israeli forces stormed the town from its southern entrance and fired tear gas grenades and metal bullets toward the youths.

The troops arrested a school child and transferred him to Ofra settlement, southern Silwad.

Meanwhile; a mass rally was launched on Tuesday afternoon in front of the Red Cross headquarters in Bireh and headed to the Manara Square in Ramallah, denouncing the policy of killings and executions pursued by the occupation inside its prisons.

Protesters raised captives’ posters and slogans denouncing the occupation policy of killing the prisoners, as Maysara Abu Hamdiya. They also demanded the international community to expose and stop the occupation crimes against the Palestinian citizens and prisoners.

The National and Islamic forces, the High Commission to follow up the detainees and ex-detainees’ affairs, the prisoners’ families and the Staff Union have also participated in the march.

Amin Chohan, head of the High Commission to follow up the prisoners’ affairs, announced a general strike on Wednesday in support of the prisoners inside the Israeli jails.

Chohan called on all the Palestinian people to take a serious and effective move to respond to the Israeli aggression

For his part; Salah al-Khawaja, member of the Popular Resistance Committee, said that Abu Hamdiya is the fifth martyr inside the occupation prisons this year, and asserted that Israel is adopting a systematic policy of killing and executing prisoners inside its jails.

He called for escalating the Popular Resistance in order to save the prisoners.

In Jenin; The National and Islamic forces organized a mass rally in protest at the assassination of Maysara.

The marchers roamed the streets of Jenin and chanted slogans demanding taking revenge for Abu Hamdiya and activating the resistance to stop the occupation practices against the prisoners.

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Clashes in jerusalem condemn the martyrdom of prisoner Mayssara Abu Hamdei

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