Live Blog | Israel assassinated two teens, wounds three near Tulkarem (Live Updates – Video – Photos)

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Update: Aside initial reports of the killing of a 17 year old child, Ma’an News Arabic covers the news about a second shaheed Naji Abdul Karim Balbisi, 18 years old, also shot East of Tulkarm (Article in Arabic here)

Reported by the ISM:

Two teenagers murdered at checkpoint (Updated)

4th April 2013 | International Solidarity Movement, Anabta, Occupied Palestine

At 22:30 on 3 April Israeli soldiers opened fire with live ammunition and killed a 17 year-old boy, from the village of ‘Anabta near Enav checkpoint and east of Tulkarm. Amer Nassar was murdered with a bullet to his chest.Fadi Abu-A'sr was shot in the lower arm.

Fadi Abu-A’sr was shot in the lower arm.

On hearing the shooting 3 boys from the village went to investigate and saw Amer lying on the floor with soldiers standing over him. The boys tried to reach Amer, but the soldiers would not let them approach and opened fire, injuring Fadi Abu-A’sr with a bullet to his lower arm.

The Army prevented ambulance crews access to Amer for 30 minutes, threatening to shoot anyone that attempted to help. Deiyaa’ Nasser, who attempted to get to Amer was arrested by the Israeli Army and taken to an unknown location.

The body of a Amer’s cousin, Naji Abdul-Karim Balbisi, 18, was found at first light Thursday morning near a house in the vicinity of the checkpoint. He had been hoped, last night, to be missing, still hiding in a factory. He was discovered, shot from behind in the torso, laying in a field.

The Israeli Army regularly open fire with live ammunition against unarmed protestors and the general population. Amer’s death is the latest in a string of recent murders committed by the Israeli Army, and came a day after the death of Maisara Abu Hamdiyeh as a result of neglect in Israeli prisons.

17 year old Amer Nasser was today killed by the Israeli army
17 year old Amer Nasser was today killed by the Israeli army

A Video of the funeral of the two youths shot can be seen here

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Photography of the Funerals

Photos by PalToday

More Photography: Album at ICAI2

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