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Comment by Khalid Amayreh

As widely expected, Maysara Abu Hamdiyeh succumbed to his untreated illness in an Israeli jail earlier this week.

The Israeli prison authorities, who callously ignored widespread calls coming from many quarters, for his release on humanitarian grounds, had been fully aware of his terminal conditions.

However, instead of releasing him and allowing him to bid his family a final farewell, the Israeli authorities kept him in jail. Unfortunately, this criminally callous behavior on Israel’s part has always characterized Israeli behaviors toward the Palestinians.

There is no doubt that Israel is fully and absolutely responsible for Abu Hamdiyeh’s death. The Nazi-like Israeli authorities neither gave the Palestinian martyr genuine medical treatment nor released him to his family to give him the badly-needed medical care.

In other words, Israel wanted the man to die sooner than later. This is no less than a full-fledged crime, committed by a state claiming to be “a light upon the nations” as well as the only true democracy in the Middle East.

Abu Hamdiyeh is believed to be the 227th Palestinian to die in Israeli jails and dungeons since 1967. His death has drawn angry reactions among Palestinians all over occupied Palestine. At least two Palestinian teenagers have been shot dead by heavily armed Israeli soldiers in the northern West Bank district of Tulkarm.

Israel has asked the Palestinian Authority (PA) to repress and control Palestinian “riots” as if Palestinians were supposed to keep silent and quiet as their sons and daughters were being murdered rather haphazardly by the Nazis of our time.

The PA is undoubtedly doing “its best” to keep an untenable situation under control. However, the evolution of the current situation into a third intifada depends very much on Israeli behavior toward the Palestinian people, especially the estimated 4000 Palestinian prisoners languishing in Israeli jails and detention camps.

Human rights organizations operating in the West Bank and monitoring Israeli jails have been speaking of a slow-death policy adopted by the Israeli prison authorities against Palestinian prisoners.

This malicious policy enables Shin Beth interrogators and prison wardens to torture, both physically and psychologically, Palestinian inmates, with impunity.

One Palestinian inmate who has been released from an Israeli jail recently described Israeli prison conditions in the following words: “They treat us as if we were animals. If some fell sick, they would leave him untreated until he succumbs to his death.”

Today, there are a number of Palestinian prisoners who reportedly are “on the verge of death.” This confirms statements by a Palestinian official in Gaza that Abu Hamdiyeh is unlikely to be the last Palestinian inmate to die in Israeli jails.

Israeli leaders and spokespersons would seek to justify their crimes against Palestinian prisoners by invoking the “eternal mantra or canard of terrorism.” But Israel itself is a terrorist state par excellence, a state that hundreds of millions of people around the world consider a crime against humanity.

In the final analysis, Israel stole the Palestinian homeland, destroyed the Palestinian homes, bulldozed the Palestinian fields and expelled the bulk of the Palestinian people to the four winds. And after all this murderous ethnic cleansing, these professional Zionist liars have the audacity to call their victims “terrorists.” This is very much like committing an act of lewdness with truth and historical facts.

The Palestinians are not a suicidal people and no Palestinian family would like to see their children getting maimed or killed at the indifferent hands of Judeo-Nazi soldiers who are taught in their synagogues and Talmudic school (Yeshivot) that a Jew may slaughter a non-Jew rather nonchalantly and without any compunction or feeling of guilt.

None the less, the Palestinians will not feel bored or defeated as long as they remain deprived of their rights and freedoms.

In Islam, wars are generally detested and portrayed as evil. However, Muslims are encouraged to fight oppressors, aggressors and evil-doers in order to prevent the forces of evil from overcoming the forces of good.

The Holy Quran declares: “Fighting (against oppression) is ordained for you though you dislike it. And it may be that you dislike a thing which is good for you and that you may like a thing which is bad for you. God Knows but you don’t know.” Al-Baqara V 116.

The continuation of oppression is worse than murder. Oppression guarantees the continuity of war and the absence of real peace. There can be no real peace without real justice.

Needless to say, Israel and her guardian-ally, the United States, are trying to obliterate the Palestinian people into oblivion, calling this “peace process.”

However, even small kids understand that true peace can’t be made through murdering Palestinian inmates in Israeli jails or shooting them rather haphazardly in the streets of the West Bank. Nor can it be achieved by allowing heavily armed Judeo-Nazi settlers to gang up on Palestinian villagers, beating them up and seizing their fields and orchards, often in full view of Israeli occupation soldiers.

It is hoped that Abu Hamdiyeh’s death will not go in vain. We Palestinians must make sure that his death will be a curse haunting his murderers for eternity.

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