Hamas denounces statements of Canadian FM John Baird over Palestinian refugees

Overview | The Genocide on Palestinian Refugees in Syria


DRAH | April 13, 2013

Gaza, (DRAH.ps) – the Islamic Resistance Movement of Hamas stressed that the right of return of Palestinian refugees to their towns and villages, from where they were displaced by Israeli occupation, is a holy right that cannot be toppled by time.

The movement added that none, whoever he is, can cancel or waive it, adding that the residence of Palestinian refugees in places outside Palestine is temporary, and they will not accept any other place except Palestine.

Statements of Hamas came as comments on statements made by Minister of Foreign Affairs of Canada, “John Baird,” who said that his country will absorb about 120 thousand Palestinian refugees and grant them a Canadian citizenship to live there forever.

The movement said in a statement on Friday on Friday , ” We reject all efforts by Israeli occupation or some international parties to market solutions that overload or cancel the right of return of Palestinian refugees to their villages and towns, and we call on the international parties to stop such suspicious endeavors , which are biased to Israel


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