Peres: Canada will play a Key Role to Resolve the Issue of Palestinian Refugees

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DRAH | April 13, 2013

Gaza, ( — The Canadian Foreign Minister, John Baird, concluded a visit to “Israel”, meeting Israeli President Shimon Peres where they discussed the role that Canada could play in the settlement between Israel and PA, particularly the issue of refugees.

Settling the Peres said at Canada has previously agreed to accommodate 120 thousand Palestinian refugees on its territory, and grant them the Canadian citizenship and live there forever.

He added that Canada’s stand is so important as it helps them to get rid of the horrible situation they live in the refugee camps, and contribute to resolve the cause of refugees without a return to what so called Israel.

Baird met a large number of Israeli officials, including the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and war Minister Moshe Ya’alon. He said that his country is a friend to Israel, but also he calls on Israel to halt settlement and Judaization, make life of Palestinians easier, and work to give them an independent sovereign state.

Baird did not talk about refugee issue openly, but Israeli sources confirmed that 5 thousand Palestinians traveled to Canada holding documents issued for UNRWA since Canada told UNRWA it is ready to receive Palestinian refugees.


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