Hizb Attahrir slams PA security for suppressing its rallies in West Bank

[ PIC 14/04/2013 – 11:12 AM ]

images_News_2013_04_14_PA-thugs_300_0[1]JENIN, (PIC)– Hizb Attahrir (liberation party) strongly denounced the Palestinian Authority’s security apparatuses for preventing public gatherings and marches in the West Bank, affirming that it would defy this repressive policy and would organize its activities normally.

In a statement distributed during a rally it staged on Saturday in support of Jerusalem, the party said it rejects to comply with PA security orders demanding it to hold its activities inside closed halls and to receive prior permission from the governors.

The party also accused the PA security apparatuses of intimidating the owners of auditoriums and halls into not dealing with it.

Spokesman for the party Maher Al-Jabari said that the PA security forces tried before holding the march on Saturday to arrest him and other members of the party in order to thwart the activity.

Jabari also condemned PA minister of religious affairs Mahmoud Al-Habbash for calling on Muslims from other countries to visit occupied Jerusalem through Israeli visas and considered such visits as a type of normalization.

He emphasized that the Muslims from other countries can only come to Jerusalem to liberate it from the occupation.

In a separate incident, the PA security forces have been trying for days to arrest Jamal, the son of Hamas figure Sheikh Jamal Abul Heija, because of his participation in activities in support of prisoners and carrying Hamas flags.

Local sources told the Palestinian information center (PIC) that the PA security apparatuses accused Hamza, 20, of carrying Hamas flags during events in support of his jailed father Sheikh Jamal Abul Heija and slain prisoner Maysara Abu Hamdiya.

The PA security forces raided the house of Sheikh Abul Heija several times in an attempt to arrest his son.

The raids on his house raised the ire of his family who denounced such behavior by the PA security as reprehensible and a betrayal of the sacrifices made by the Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails.

In another incident, the PA security forces on Saturday kidnapped a Palestinian citizen affiliated with Hamas named Saleh Najajerah from his home in Nahalin town west of Bethlehem and summoned six others for interrogation in different West Bank areas.

The PA intelligence apparatus also refused to comply with a court verdict issued two weeks ago ordering it to release prisoner Saleh Nofal, 35, who has been held in its jail in Ramallah city.

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