Five Palestinian refugees killed in Syria last Monday

Overview | The Genocide on Palestinian Refugees in Syria

[ PIC 16/04/2013 – 03:30 PM ]

images_News_2013_04_16_camp-0_300_0[1]DAMASCUS, (PIC)– Five Palestinian refugees were killed on Monday during clashes and projectile attacks on refugee camps in Syria.

The action group for the Palestinians in Syria said on Tuesday that a young man named Oday Qendeel from Husseiniya refugee camp died of wounds he sustained two days ago when a projectile fell on his home.

Two other young men were also killed in projectile attacks on Khan Younis refugee camp in Damascus and another was killed during the armed clashes that took place yesterday in Al-Yarmouk camp.

A projectile believed to be fired by the Syrian regime forces also fell in the vicinity of Abdul-Qader Husseini Mosque killing one young man and rendering many others injured.

The action group pointed out that the living conditions in Handarat refugee camp deteriorated very seriously and many vital food supplies, including flour and milk, completely ran out as a result of the violent armed clashes taking place around the camp.


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