PALESTINE NEWS | April 19, 2013

آخر الأخبار والتحديثات
April 19, 2013 | 24151 Days Since Al-Nakba – Gaza is under siege for 2137 days
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Lebanon backs Iran nuclear energy right

Afro-Asian community must fight for Palestine – Jakarta Post

SF Bay Area Group at Center of Historic Israel-Palestine Effort to Remove … – Fort Mills Times

Hamas in talks as Palestinian unity momentum builds

Israeli forces arrest man from Battir

PA liaison office secures release of Nablus man

After a series of failures, Mossad campaign to recruit new agents

‘My eyes were opened by Palestine journey’ – This is Kent

Weir speaks on Palestine, inaccurate media coverage –

Family of al-Taj asks Saudi Arabia to provide medical treatment

Abbas pledges talks on new govt ‘in near future’

Jerusalem Palestinians Face  Neglect, Displacement (Jihan Abdalla, Al-Monitor)

Israeli law to evict 30,000+ Bedouin sends them “into a human rights desert”, “blatantly violates international law”

Detained: Testimonies from Palestinian children imprisoned by Israel ~ by @Samar_Hazboun at@972Mag

Palestinian-Jordanian crossing open for trade for the first time

Loud blasts heard over Gaza Strip

Haniyeh arrives in Qatar

High priest of Samaritans dies at home in Nablus

#PalHunger | 2 prisoners join solidarity hunger strike for Issawi

Zionism and the United States Congress ~ by William James Martin

Jordanian source: Washington will deploy “Patriot” on the border with Syria

From prisoner protests to the Boston bombings: A week in photos by @ActiveStills at @972Mag – April 11-17

The West is working on prolonging the occupation

Real remembrance, real independence requires empathy, justice, equal rights

International solidarity with Palestine: personal observations by @MariamBarghouti at @docjazzmusic’s Musical Intifada

Roger Waters clarifies his position on the boycott – IN SUPPORT! ~ by @docjazzmusic

War crime on video: Israeli soldiers use handcuffed Palestinian teen as human shield as they fire at protestors

On the anniversary of Rantisi’s martyrdom, Hamas renews commitment to resistance

More zionist crimes against Christianity: Settlers raise Israeli flag over West Bank church

Police: Gaza rockets hit southern Israel

Israeli forces detain Palestinian near Hebron

Israeli troops fire tear gas at Palestinians in West Bank

Russian newspaper: Israelis infect prisoners before their release

From the hasbara tabloid Ynet:
IDF producing ‘Jenin Jenin’ response film,7340,L-4369823,00.html

Israeli occupation prevents Jerusalem Shopping Spring Festival

MP Abu Halabiya warns of continued Israeli tunneling under al-Aqsa mosque

Clashes in Silwad near Ramallah

Palestine film festivals to open in Chicago and London, plus other cinema news – The Electronic Intifada

Resheq calls for confronting plans to displace Bedouins from Jerusalem

Will Saud now use it’s new weapons to repel ISRAEL from the islands Tiran and Sanafir IT OCCUPIES?

Russia, Egypt call for quick Syria ceasefire

US unveils major arms deal with Israel, Saudi, UAE

What US and Israel forget to mention in yr media and “what Netanyahu left out when he drew his Bomb    ”

5 (incl 3 children) injured in accident near Dead Sea

Warning of Israeli plan to deport the Bedouins in the Khan al-Ahmar

Israel’s occupation forces targets medic and injures 17 in clashes in Beit Ummar

Russian newspaper: Israel injects Palestinian prisoners with dangerous viruses

Hamas warns the occupation of complicity with the settlers’ crimes

Hamas refuses settlement of Palestinian refugees in Canada

The Genocide on Palestinian Refugees in Syria

Chief of Staff claims four decades of calm with Syria have ended

Nakba denial and its consequence

Urgent concerns over death threats issued to UN Human Rights defender, Issa Amro

Jordan, Palestine sign agricultural MoU – Petra News Agency

#PalHunger | Intensive negotiations with hunger striker Al-Issawi

Global Action to Save the Life of Hunger striker Samer Issawi

Egypt warned Israel of rocket attack, Israeli paper reports

Tel-Aviv calls for EU not to receive former hunger striker

Israel bars Gaza runners from first West Bank marathon

For the hasbara-tabloid Ynet:
Iran official: Israel too small to threaten Iran,7340,L-4369390,00.html
Some facts

Keeping it in the family – but whose family?

Paris protesters demand jailed Palestinian athletes released

Report: How settlers turn Palestinian lands into illegal outposts ~ by @ygurvitz

“To my unborn Children” ~ by @ImNadz

Israeli forces detain 3 Palestinians in Jenin, Tubas

Israel to release sick Palestinian prisoner: official

PA liaison secures release of child in Israeli custody

PA liaison secures release of child in Israeli custody

Limited building supplies to enter Gaza

Fatah official hospitalized in Ramallah

Israel indicts alleged Jerusalem attack plotters

Move football tournament out of Israel, says growing campaign (Adri Nieuwhof, The Electronic Intifada)

Gaza fire fighters quash blaze at store

Jewish settlers destroy dozens of olive and fig trees northwest of Ramallah

Mashaal: We will continue to liberate prisoners from Israel’s jails

German tourist dies of heart attack in Bethlehem

Egypt’s Mubarak goes back to prison

Elderly man killed in Hebron car accident

Faction leaders urge Fatah, Hamas to implement unity agreement

Fatah calls for release of party member in Gaza

#GazaUnderAttack | Israeli warplanes launch mock raid off the coast of Gaza

#GazaUnderAttack | April 18, 2013  |  Full List of 143 documented Israeli Cease Fire Violations

Israeli pressures on EU countries to deny entry to liberated prisoner Sarsak | @FIFAcom @UEFAcom

Little Hamid from #Gaza, assassinated while playing football. He was a fan of @realmadrid

IOF soldiers fire at Palestinian ambulance vehicle

Israeli occupation soldiers raze warehouses

Congress and POTUS Say Need To Cut. Then why is US sending billions in weapons to Israel? #DemandARefund

Hamas asks Erdogan to rebuff attempts by PA to thwart his visit to Gaza

Haneyya leaves for Qatar to discuss reconciliation issue

Activists remove section of Israeli Wall in solidarity with Palestinian prisoners

The Invention of the Land of Israel by Shlomo Sand – review

Fatah-affiliated bloc wins Hebron University student elections

Moroccan human rights organisations demand dismissal of “G4S”

Israel punishes Gaza athletes with exclusion from Bethlehem marathon

The quiet population transfer that dares not speak its name ~ by Yossi Gurvitz

UC Berkeley student senate votes to divest from companies that profit from Israeli Occupation

Palestine activists call on Netherlands prince to disassociate from JNF water … – @intifada

The Holy Land version of Israel?
And facts about crimes against Christians in Palestine?

2 rockets hit open area in Eshkol Regional Council,7340,L-4369608,00.html

Vandalism of Christian sites in Palestine inspires London art show – The Electronic Intifada

Defense establishment reaches out to PA,7340,L-4369625,00.html

Palestine solidarity protesters sue after violent assaults – Morning Star Online

Israel frees sick prisoner Muhammed Al-Taj

School year extended in Gaza, West Bank

Ministry: Al-Taj stable but may need surgery

Abu Zuhri: U.S. pressure disrupts reconciliation process

Palestinian Expulsions Mapped in Hebrew ~ by @jilldamours

Minister: Hamas to release some collaborators

Palestinians, Israeli soldiers clash near Bethlehem

Israeli forces demolish store belonging to Bedouin orphans

An Israeli Likud MK Miri Regev intends to storm Al-Aqsa Mosque

Occupation issues harsh sentences against Palestinians accused of stone throwing

Report: 2 Palestinians killed, 30 wounded and 45 detained in Gaza

Israeli forces ‘detain teens, child’ in al-Arrub refugee camp

Egypt security leaders welcome Hamas delegation in Cairo

Israeli occupation forces arrest 7 Palestinians from the West Bank

Hammad: We have arrested quite a number of spies

Boy, 9, hanged by swing near Jenin

Israeli forces bulldoze farm shelters near Bethlehem

Israel bulldozers farmshelters
How Israel boasted about it’s

Hamas: Jerusalem under real danger

A sit-in in Jerusalem in solidarity with prisoners

Allenby Bridge to open Friday for commercial goods

#iRemember the martyrs of Occupation of #Palestine – Their names and stories

Israel’s Psychological Warfare Effects on Children (Video)

“I picture a dead Arab & that makes me happy” Israeli boy (Video)

More on Israel’s military indoctrination of children ~ by StephenLendman

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