Resheq calls for confronting plans to displace Bedouins from Jerusalem

[ PIC 19/04/2013 – 08:07 PM ]

images_News_2013_04_19_resheq4_300_0[1]GAZA, (PIC)– Ezzat Resheq, member of the Hamas political bureau, condemned the occupation new plan to deport the Bedouin communities from Khan al-Ahmar, in eastern Jerusalem, to Nowayma village near Jericho in the Jordan Valley.

“We in Hamas strongly condemn and reject the Israeli schemes that target the occupied city of Jerusalem, and aim to displace its people and Judaize its land in favor of the settlement projects,” Resheq said in a press statement on Friday.

He considered this scheme a flagrant violation of international norms and conventions, and a desperate attempt that will not succeed in imposing a fait accompli and obliterating the historical landmarks of Jerusalem.

Resheq also warned the occupation of the continuation of its crimes against the land and sanctities, and denounced the international silence and inaction regarding the Israeli abuses.

The Hamas leader called on the Palestinian people to confront the occupation projects, and demanded the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and the Arab League to protect Jerusalem, its population and its historical monuments from the danger of Judaization and displacement.

Meanwhile; the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) called on the Arab and Islamic nation and the Palestinian people to confront the Israeli schemes targeting Al-Aqsa Mosque and the occupied city of Jerusalem.

Ghassan al-Shami, media spokesman for the Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa Committee in PLC in Gaza, noted in a press statement on Friday that the occupation authorities have continued their Judaization schemes against the city of Jerusalem; targeting the land, the civilization and the people, in a flagrant violation of all international agreements.

Al-Shami has also denounced the policy of deportation of Jerusalemites from their land for the establishment of settlement projects.

Jerusalemite sources revealed earlier that the Israeli Defense Minister will sign on a new plan that aims to deport the Bedouins from Khan al-Ahmar to Nowayma village near Jericho.

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