Warning of Israeli plan to deport the Bedouins in the Khan al-Ahmar

[ PIC 19/04/2013 – 07:45 PM ]

images_News_2013_04_19_bedouin-shacks_300_0[1]OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– Bedouin communities in Khan al-Ahmar held press conference on Thursday to explain the dimensions of the occupation authorities’ scheme that aims to expel them to Nowayma village near the city of Jericho.

Eid Abu Dahuk, official in school assembly in Khan al-Ahmar, said during the conference that he and other Bedouins were deported from Tel Arad in the Negev in 1951, to settle down in Khan al-Ahmar and Jerusalem since that date.

He pointed to the close alliance between the settlers and the successive Israeli governments that have been impeding the development process in the region in order to push the Bedouins to leave.

The lawyer Shlomo Lecker, in charge of defending the right of Bedouin communities in the Israeli courts pointed out that the Supreme Court has frozen the decision to deport the Bedouins to a landfill site in Abu Dis.

Lawyer Lecker added that within 60 days, the Israeli Defense Minister will sign on the new plan that aims to deport the Bedouins from Khan al-Ahmar to Nowayma village near Jericho.

Mohammed Karshan, from the Bedouin Committee in Jerusalem, demanded the occupation authorities to allow the Bedouin tribes to return to ​​the Negev and Beersheba, as those areas are suitable for their Bedouin lifestyle that relies on livestock.

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