Palestinian prisoner suffers speaking difficulty after wrong injection

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images_News_2013_04_20_prisoner_300_0[1]AL-KHALIL, (PIC)– A Palestinian captive in the Israeli occupation jails, sentenced to life imprisonment, is suffering from a serious health status after his jailers gave him wrong injections.

The Ministry of Prisoners and Ex-prisoners’ Affairs said that the captive Naim Younus Shawamra, aged 43 from al-Khalil and who has been sentenced to life imprisonment since 1995, began to suffer from difficulty to speak, weakness in the feet and hands, difficulty of eating and severe pain in the head, after he was given wrong injections.

Shawamra told the lawyer for the Ministry of Prisoners that the medications prescribed by the prison doctors did not improve his health condition, which has deteriorated, as he started to suffer from headaches and severe pain around the eyes and in the throat as well as difficulty to speak.

The captive ssaid that due to his continued pains and his protests at the prison administration’s neglect of his status, he was transferred to the Israeli Barzillai hospital, where a specialized doctor acknowledged that the cause of these symptoms is the wrong injections he was given.

The Russian Pravda newspaper revealed on Friday that the Israeli occupation authorities have been giving Palestinian prisoners, before their release, injections containing dangerous viruses that lead to death in the late stages.

Russian newspaper: Israel injects Palestinian prisoners with dangerous viruses

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images_News_2013_04_19_prisoner-chained-to-bed_300_0[1]MOSCOW, (PIC)– Russian press sources revealed that the Israeli authorities inject Palestinian prisoners in its detention centers with “dangerous viruses” that lead to death in the long term.

The Russian Pravda newspaper said in its Friday edition that “the Tel Aviv regime injects prisoners with dangerous viruses before releasing them.”

It noted that the injections contain viruses that cause chronic diseases such as prostate cancer and liver cancer, which often lead to the death of prisoner after a period of his release.

The newspaper also pointed to the policy of deliberate medical neglect and torture adopted by the Israeli prison administration against the Palestinian patient prisoners inside jails.

“A suspiciously large number of Palestinian prisoners are suffering from incurable diseases or permanent disabilities as a result of the critical situation in prisons that they suffer at the hands of Israeli regime,” the paper revealed.

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