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Musical Intifada | 20 April 2013 | by Dr. Tariq Shadid aka Doc Jazz

Roger Waters

Roger Waters

Here is some really good news to report. Roger Waters has published a response on Facebook, clarifying misunderstandings that had arisen after his Huffington Post interview. Read the open letter here, if you want to have an idea of how the interview was interpreted. This excellent post, however, sets the record straight:
In response to all the misinterpretations of my Huffington Post Live interview: I wish to clear the somewhat muddied waters. What I said, among many other things, was that I was “reconsidering the publishing of a letter to My Fellow Musicians about a Cultural Boycott of Israel”. This was misinterpreted by some as meaning I was reconsidering my position on the Israel/Palestine issue, and more alarmingly that I had made an about face on this issue; not so. My position remains the same.

Screenshot  - click to enlarge

Screenshot – click to enlarge

However these misrepresentations have caused some distress, particularly to my many friends, for which I apologize. I am still considering the full text of a letter to my fellow musicians. But for those of you who haven’t the patience to wait for me to consider the text, feeling somewhat caught between the rock of concern for my friends and the hard place of misrepresentation, here are the bare bones of any final version:

To My Fellow Musicians:
Please join me in a Cultural Boycott of Israel until such time as the Israeli Government ceases its illegal occupation of Palestinian lands and reverses its Illegal program of settlement building, both of which, it is widely agreed, constitute insurmountable impediments to any peaceful solution for either The Palestinian or The Israeli People. Peace for them both is our goal.

Not to talk is not an option.

Roger Waters

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